It feels good to Go Green. Plus it can give you a little more green of your own. When you help the credit union reduce expenses, the savings come right back to you in better rates and lower fees.

Benefits of going paperless

When you switch from mailed paper statements to online statements you’re protecting:

  • Natural resources (paper for statements and envelopes).
  • Air (factories that make paper and trucks that deliver mail pollute).
  • Time (the several days it takes for mail delivery).
  • Your identity (your mailbox and trash are two of the most common sources for identity theft- the majority of identity theft occurs through traditional methods, such as stolen mail or dumpster diving).

The advantages are even greater when you elect direct deposit:

  • Your funds are deposited immediately
  • You skip the traffic and time to visit a branch or seek out an ATM.

Options for greener finances

It may take you a little time to feel comfortable with e-statements. Start with one account. As your confidence grows, switch more accounts. Follow these six steps to make the switch to paperless financial transactions and record keeping:

  1. Enroll in online access- giving control over your accounts anywhere with Internet access.
  2. Request direct deposit- for paychecks, federal and state payments (including income tax refunds), and any investment dividends.
  3. Switch to e-statements- for all your financial accounts and bills.
  4. Set up automatic transfers to other accounts- retirement fund, college fund, Christmas club account, and vacation account.
  5. Set up automatic payments-car payments, rent or mortgage, utilities and phone.
  6. Pay bill online- credit card, subscriptions, medical and taxes.
  7. Use online billpay, free as part of your account with Pee Dee FCU. 

Monitoring and reconciling

Instead of waiting for statements, you can reconcile your accounts online any time. One option is to visit each provider’s Web site. There are free services you can find that pulls all of your accounts together. These services may even work on your phone and can send you alerts, such as payment reminders.


If you are not sold on paperless, you can still print e-statements at home, reconcile by hand, and file paper just as you do now.

The alternative is to view and store statements electronically. Most statements can be saved as PDFs. Simply create a folder called “Statements” or “Records”. Add subfolders, using the names you currently use for your paper system. You might prefer to group statements by provider or by month. If you put both the name of the provider and the date in the file name, you’ll be able to search easily for past statements.

We are here for you if you need help!

If at any time you need assistance, please call us at 843-669-0461 or visit us in person at the Pee Dee Federal Credit Union office. We will be glad to walk you through the process of setting up your online account services.